Metal Flake Rocking Chair

Not necessarily a vintage restoration, this Metal Flake Rocking Chair was painted  as part of a charity raffle. The owner wanted something that would get a lot of attention and potentially raise a lot of money, I think we delivered on that!  The base is a Nisan silver with House Of Kolor standard Metal Flake F-15. It’s always a lot of fun to take something ordinary and turn it in to something special. If you have an off the wall idea or project and are needing help bringing it to life give us a call or click, We aren’t afraid to take on these kinds of projects. Take a look at some of the other project here in the Vintage Restorations section of our web site not everything is a stock (back to original) restoration there are a few custom made items to look at. Like the Harley Davidson gas pump Kegerator, a gas pump that dispenses soda  and more.