1968 GMC Truck Photo Shoot

1968 GMC Photo Shoot Looking at the back of the truck the tailgate is down there is a girl in the back of the truck

1968 GMC Photo Shoot

This 1968 GMC truck underwent a stunning transformation.  The step side bed was replaced by a fleet side bed with a new wood floor. The gas tank was relocated to under the bed from behind the seat in the stock location inside the cab. Various rust repair and body work was performed and a fresh coat of Venetian Red paint was applied to the body , with the top of the cab painted white . The interior was completely redone with a new bench seat, carpet, door panels, headliner and Instrument panel & a rebuilt steering column. All of the chrome and trim was replaced and new wheels and tires were added. This build was a lot of fun and the owner was extremely happy. He uses this truck as daily driver and takes it out to cruises and shows on the weekends. Check out the build page at 1968 GMC Truck Build