5th Gen Camaro With Synergy Green Highlights

5th Gen Camaro - Black With Synergy Green Highlights

5th Gen Camaro – Black With Synergy Green Highlights

This 5th Gen Camaro came in to get some Synergy Green Color. We added some custom painted hood spikes, color matched the bow-tie emblems & the SS emblem and painted taillight bezels black. The owner wanted to add some color to his all black car, after much deliberation he decided on painting the emblems and the hood scoop to add just the right amount of color. He picked Synergy Green, which is another one of the colors on the 5th gen Camaros. He liked the Synergy Green but in 2010 it was not available on the SS package. On custom designs like this one it’s important that we communicate with the owner to get things just right. Color selection and how much to add & where are very important, especially when a client doesn’t want to go over the top and add too much. The owner was very happy, we were able to take his ideas and make them a reality & he now has a 5th Gen Camaro like no other.

Here a Clean Cut Creations we primarily work on classic cars, however we are also a custom shop that has found a niche with modern collector cars and the retro styled muscle cars, in-particular the 5th Gen Camaro. Ever since they first hit the streets we have been modifying these future classics. Our work & expertise in 5th Gen Camaros has been featured in many Super Chevy Tech Articles and other magazines. On this page you’ll find links to a lot of build, photo shoots, and magazine articles. Take a look around and enjoy!