1940’s Projects

1940's Projects  1946 Cadillac, Series 751, Limo black white wall tires

1940’s Projects Clean Cut Creations Vintage Auto Works

1940′s Projects By Clean Cut Creations Vintage Auto Works. On this page you can find all of the different projects we’ve worked on form the 1940′s. We take on a variety of projects ranging from stock restorations to Hot Rods & CustomsTake a look around …There’s a lot to see. Enjoy!


A Little Bit About the 1940’s

When the U.S. entered World War II, all domestic passenger automobile production ceased by February 1942. The industry received $10 billion in war-related orders by that month, compared to $4 billion before the attack on Pearl Harbor. All factories were enlarged and converted, many new ones such as Ford’s Willow Run and Chrysler’s Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant were built, and hundreds of thousands more workers were hired to produce war material such as armaments, aircraft, and military vehicles. Experts anticipated that Detroit would learn advanced engineering methods from the aviation industry that would result in great improvements for postwar civilian automobiles. These factories produced an astonishing amount of material, including 5.9 million weapons, 2.8 million tanks and trucks, and 27,000 aircraft. This production was a major factor in the victory of the allies.