Super Chevy Heritage Grille Install

Super Chevy Heritage Grille Install, A Better Grille was the name of this tech article for Super Chevy Magazine. Follow along as we show how to install a Heritage Grille in a 5th Gen Chevy Camaro. The Grille in this article was also custom painted to match the body color of the Camaro we installed it in. The owner of this Camaro is local to the St. Louis area and bought the grille through our web site and choose to have us do the install. He was extra excited to learn that Super Chevy had us shoot the install as a tech piece and his car would get to be in a magazine.

Here a Clean Cut Creations we primarily work on classic cars, however we are also a custom shop that has found a niche with modern collector cars and the retro styled muscle cars, in-particular the 5th Gen Camaro. Ever since they first hit the streets we have been modifying these future classics.. Our work & expertise in 5th Gen Camaros has been featured in many Super Chevy Tech Articles and other magazines. On this page you’ll find links to a lot of build, photo shoots, and magazine articles. Take a look around and enjoy!