Sport Truck Custom Paint Tech

Sport Truck Custom Paint Tech, Anatomy of a Custom Paint Job was the title of this tech article From the September 2008 issue of Sport Truck Magazine. In this article we out line the steps involved in creating a custom paint schema on a Chevy S-10. The truck featured in the article belonged to an employee and we had a lot of fun coming up with ideas for how to paint his truck. this was one of the first times we got to use the House Of Kolor  Digital Paint Booth. Digital Paint Booth is really awesome it allowed you at the time to change the colors of a car or truck and add custom graphics. Now with Digital Paint Booth you can not only change colors and add graphics but change wheel and tire combinations and everything is  three dimensional, its really cool. This was also the first times that we used the Valspar De Beer line of automotive products, the truck turned out great! and we only spray Valspar De Beer to this day. Along with the tech article we also were asked by the magazine to shoot the truck with a few models, so we had a little fun with a car wash themed photo shoot.

Check out the build pics HERE

Check out some more pics form the Photo Shoot HERE