Sport Truck Cover 2004 Chevy Colorado

Sport Truck Cover 2004 Chevy Colorado, What’s extra cool about this cover is that this is one of three covers that this truck was on in the same year. Not often is the same vehicle on the cover of three different magazines in the same year. It was also on the cover of Street Trucks and a Canadian magazine called Rear View.  We built this 2004 Chevy Colorado back in 2003. Yes 2003 we picked it up form the dealership and immediately started cutting up this brand new truck. At the time the Colorado was the replacement for the discontinued S-10 and no one had seen one yet, stock or otherwise when we first started taking it to shows. This Colorado was the first of its kind to be customized. This truck features a full custom chassis build, custom paint, full custom interior, Magna Flow Exhaust system, custom grille and full Ride Tech Suspension. This truck served as a shop mascot for a few years, we had a lot of fun taking to shows all over the country and even on Hot Rod Power Tour.

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