What’s the most important skill you need to have?

        What does it take to restore an old car & what is the most important skill you need to have? Seems like an easy enough question to answer doesn’t it? You need to know how to cut & weld metal, paint, do body work, be mechanically inclined, have a general idea of how a car works and is put together. However the most important skill is the ability to listen and learn. We all know that every car guy is an expert at all of those things, but realistically you can’t know every tiny detail of every car ever made & most don’t. Most have a general knowledge of a particular car, year, make, and model. Some gravitate towards a particular decade or build style. There’s no end to how far you can subdivide & categorize it all.
This becomes especially clear to you when you work in restoration shop; you’re not just wrenching & obsessing on a car or a type of car for several years or a lifetime as most people do. There’s always something different coming through the door & we’ve got several car builds going on at one time. You can easily become overwhelmed by what you don’t know. It seems that you are constantly learning, there are simple things like trim level options both interior and exterior, motor options, was your car a base model stripper or fully optioned with every bell and whistle available. Then there are things like build plant differences and midyear breaks in options for certain manufacturers or if your car was built early enough it might have been assembled with parts left over from the previous year before the switch over could completely take place. The list goes on and on.
What does all this mean? Well first don’t get all bent out of shape next time you’re out at a cruise or show & someone knows something you don’t or asks you a question about some obscure fact about their car just to show how much they know about their car. Chances are that’s all they know, no one knows everything, and they just can’t! The Chevy guys don’t know Ford, the ford Guys don’t know Chevy & it takes a special kind of person to like MOPAR; so relax. Next time your significant other is giving you a hard time about going to a show or spending too much time online or reading magazines in the grocery store, just tell them its research, so you can finish your car.

Photography Shoot Out Presented By Clean Cut Creations and ReverieRevel

Photographers! Join us for a unique photography shoot out.
-Shoot 1 on 1 sessions with 10 Accomplished, experienced Models.   All Models will have professional hair, make up and wardrobe.
-10 unique vintage settings, many of which include classic cars
 -Full Model and Property Releases included. All photos are yours   to use for personal or commercial purposes.
-All day workshop with  lunch, snacks and drinks included.
-Each photographer is provided a non-shooting assistant for the day.   to help move lights, carry bags, etc.
A full list of models and sets will be provided here shortly.
Photographers of all skill levels are invited to attend this workshop. Registration fee for each photographer is $400 which includes a FULL release.
We’re excited to announce that we’ll be hosting an opening displaying each photographer’s top photo from the workshop. A date is being set and details will be coming soon. 
Last time we were overwhelmed with volunteers wanting to help with shoot. If you are interested in shoot. If you would like to volunteer, please email us at: info@CleanCutCreations.com as soon as possible to get an open spot.
To register for this unique experience, please send an email to: info@CleanCutCreations.com. A $150 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your space and the balance is due at sign in on the day of the event. This workshop is limited to 10 photographers. Reserve your space today!

Halloween Movie Night & Car Cruise

Halloween 2013

Saturday October 19th Lot opens at 4:30 P.M
Movies Start at dark
Opening with a Halloween Short Followed By Our Feature Attraction “Tales Of The Rat Fink”
Drive In Style Parking For Custom, Classic & Collectible Vehicles
Free Concessions Compliments of St. Louis Snow Cone
Trunk Or Treat For Costumed Kids
Costumes Are Encouraged



Clean Cut Creations 3rd Annual Swap Meet and Sale

Join us for our 3rd annual Swap Meet and Sale.

We’re doing a little cleaning before winter and we’re selling some stuff…car parts, collectibles and whatever else we’ve got lying around.

We are holding the sale the same day as the citywide yard sale day in Rock Hill, so we should expect a lot of traffic.

If you’d like to join us, spots are free, we just ask that you register ahead of time so we can be sure that we have spots for everyone.

To register, please send us a fb message or an email to: info@CleanCutCreations.com with your name and phone number (for any last minute changes) and an idea of what you might be selling (auto parts, clothes, collectibles, etc) for advertisement purposes.

We are not supplying tables, tents, chairs, etc. Please plan to bring your own.

The sale of food is prohibited without prior approval. Concessions, snacks, drinks, hot dogs, etc. will be available on the day of sale.

Set up is from 6am-7:30am. Gates will open at 7:30am and sale will last until 1pm..

If you’d like to attend the sale, gates open at 7:30am. Arrive early to get the good stuff!

Clean Cut Creations Swap Meet



“This is Long Beach” Advanced Screening

This is Long Beach




“This is Long Beach” Advance Screening Event

Hosted By Clean Cut Creations located at 950 Des Peres Ave, 63119
Join us for an advanced screening of “This is Long Beach”, a film by Brian Darwas, Drive-In Style.
Meet Brian Darwas at this event!!
We’re excited to announce that Gene Winfield will be attending this event!
Lot opens at 7pm with Drive-In Style parking for custom, classic and collector vehicles.
Walk ins are welcome, please bring chairs or blankets.
Free concessions.
For more information on the film and Brian Darwas, please visit atomichotrods.com
Admission is $10 per person with all proceeds going back to the film maker.
This page will have up to date information on the event. For questions or additional
information, please call 314-968-8377 or email info@cleancutcreations.com

For up to the date event info visit https://www.facebook.com/events/453818664688184/

Hosted By Clean Cut Creations ~ 950 Des Peres Ave., Webster Groves, Mo 63119 ~(314) 968-8377

National Collector Car Appreciation Day.

National Collector Car Appreciation Day




Saturday July 13th 2013– National Collector Car Appreciation Day.  Join us a we celebrate National Collector Car Appreciation Day, we will have a car cruise, drive in movie with parking for custom and classic and collector cars, complimentary drinks and drive in style snacks. Bring your vintage car parts to participate in the Mini Swap Meet.  Lot opens at 5 PM. . Trivia &  Prizes at 7:30 P.M..  Movie starts at dark. Presentation of awards at 8 P.M., will be presenting the NCCAD Proclamation Award and the BJ Schneider Memorial Award.


For up to the date event info visit   https://www.facebook.com/events/453818664688184/

Hosted By Clean Cut Creations ~ 950 Des Peres Ave., Webster Groves, Mo 63119 ~(314) 968-8377